NT Cricket welcomes new members and offers the following membership options:

1. Registered Members:  Any person 18 years or older who is a registered player or a member of a club of an affiliated association, club or organisation pursuant to clause 9 of the NT Cricket Association Constitution is a registered member of the Association.

2. Junior Members:  Any person under the age of 18 years who meets the provisions of clause 10(1) of the NT Cricket Association Constitution is a junior member of the Association but is not entitled to vote at general meetings.

3. Honorary Members:  The NT Cricket Board may determine that any person may be an Honorary Member of the Association, but such a member shall not be entitled to vote at general meetings.

4. Life Members:  Life members may either be elected by members at a general meeting or may become Paid-up Life members. Please refer to the NT Cricket Association Constitution for more information.

5. Ordinary Members:  Other persons who are interested in joining the Association, but who do not fall under the above provisions may apply to become ordinary members of the Association.  The cost for Ordinary Membership is currently $25 per year.

(More detailed policy information relating to membership can be found in the NT Cricket Association Constitution.)

For general information on how to become a member please contact NT Cricket on:                                                  

P: 08 8944 8900