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International cricket is played 365 days a year across multiple continents, in varying conditions, across three formats. Resilience, adaptability and 365 performance is key.

Australia has a competitive advantage as the only international cricketing nation with the ability to play cricket 365 in our own backyard. 

To capitalise on our 365 competitive advantage, Australia's best emerging players can head north in winter to develop their 365 game.

The Cricket 365 program run from June until the end of August and consists of three parts:

  1. TIO Men's Strike League One Day Series;
  2. NT Strike Representative Cricket; and
  3. TIO Men's Strike League T20 Tournament.

With the support of Cricket Australia and state cricket associations, NT Cricket will bring together 30 of the best young cricketers from around Australia, to combine with 30 of the best cricketers in the Territory to stage a high level cricket program in Darwin. 

The 60 players will be evenly divided amoungst four TIO Men's Strike League teams, with each team consisting of a 15 player squad. These squads will compete in the One Day and T20 Tournaments. 

The best performing 12 local players will take on the best performing 12 interstate players in the best of three NT vs CA XI series. 

In addition to the four TIO Men's Strike League team, 1 - 2 teams will also be invited to compete in the T20 tournament, as the Hobart Hurricanes did in 2019. 

The aim of Cricket 365 is to enhance the development of Territory players, coaches and match officials, showcase emerging players seeking to play professional cricket to state teams and Big Bash clubs, and become a highly visible and marketable platform to promote cricket in the Top End. 

Player nominations open

Player nominations are now open for the 50 over competition and T20 Tournament, please complete a nomination form here. 

Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager positions available 

Nominations are now open for Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager roles for the four TIO Strike League franchise teams (City Cyclones, Northern Tide, Desert Blaze, Southern Storm) 

Manager roles and responsibilities can be found here

Coach and Assistant Coach roles and responsibilities can be found here

Expression of interest form here