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Umpires and Scorers

Umpires and scorers play an important role in the game of cricket and NT Cricket recognises the integral part they play in delivering great cricket matches and events.


The recruitment and coordination of umpires is administered by the Northern Territory Cricket Umpires Association (NTCUA) who focus on producing competent umpires for all levels of cricket, through the delivery of authorised training and education programs.

Umpire accreditation courses and seminars are held regularly. Further details about umpiring is available here



Scorers are an essential component of all cricket matches. Scorers work in pairs to record all scores, changes of bowlers, incoming batsmen and all other play on the ground. Scoring workshops are held throughout the year.

For further details about umpiring and scoring in the Northern Territory, contact NT Cricket on 08 8944 8900 or