A member’s forum was held on Wednesday 29 May at Palmerston Sports Ground to discuss proposed constitution reforms that would see NT Cricket transition from an Incorporated Association to a Company, with Northern Territory Cricket Association Inc become Cricket North Australia Ltd. A small group of members turned out for the forum, with members present representing players, clubs, the Darwin Cricket Management Committee and life members. Representatives from NT Cricket’s Board and management team were also present.


The discussion on the night centred around key issues in the proposed new constitution those in attendance wished to discuss further. The main matters people sought clarity on were:


  1. The reasons behind the inaccuracy of NTCA’s current membership register
  2. How the change benefits NTCA’s current membership
  3. The key benefits and obligations of moving to a company
  4. How NTCA’s legal status compares to that of other NT sports
  5. The rationale for proposing Cricket North Australia Ltd
  6. The rationale for changing the current NTCA membership model

Other questions raised during the forum were:


  • Why are there 9 Directors under the new constitution?
  • Will limiting the length of a Director’s tenure restrict the organisation?
  • Will the tenure of current Directors be re-set under the new constitution?
  • What’s the value of a nominations committee?
  • Why do life members get a vote?
  • Can the Darwin Cricket Management Committee structure be slightly amended to include a 7th representative, with a dedicated club and player delegate to sit on the committee?


To assist members with their understanding as to why we are proposing the reforms, we have provided a table below that answers the 6 key issues discussed on the night, highlighting where we are now, where we would be under the new constitution and what the benefits of the changes are.


We have also provided written answers to each of the additional questions raised on the night to summarise the response given to the members present at the forum.




Having reviewed the additional information provided, we are seeking an indication from members as to whether you are comfortable with us proceeding to a Special General Meeting (SGM) for a vote this year. Alternatively, if members believe they need more time to review, reflect and discuss the proposed reforms, we can continue the consultation process.


We invite members to provide feedback on their preferred timing for a SGM to NT Cricket’s CEO, Joel Morrison, by close of business Friday 21 June.  Joel’s email address is Joel.Morrison@ntcricket.com.au