In the Carlton Mid A Grade competition Wests have earned a week off and ticket into the Grand Final despite losing to Federals last weekend. Federals will host Works after the top three teams showed through out the season there was not much to seperate them. Wests and Federals have been the powerhouse teams over the past 5 years with Works looking to finally close the gap between them and the top two teams.  The teams will line up from 3.00pm at Albrecht Oval on Saturday with hopes of booking their ticket to the Big Dance.

The B Grade will see Rovers straight into the Grand Final where the Alice Tigers will be hosting Wests in the Semi Final to be played at Jim McConville Oval from 12.30pm on Saturday. Tigers will go into the match with momentum after finishing clear second and unlucky to miss out on top spot after starting the One Day competition on fire. Wests narrowly scrapped into the finals but will be looking to shake up the series with strong performances at the back end of the season.
In the C Grade Works will take on Rovers at Flynn Drive Reerve from 1pm on Saturday after narrowly losing top spot to Federals White last weekend. All three finals teams finished the season equal on points with only percentage separating the 3 teams.