The MyCricket Live Score technology enables scorers to keep track of the game online, via phone or tablet.  Several scorers attending the workshop already have experience with paper based scoring and have also used the MyCricket App, whereas others were new to the process of cricket scoring.

During the workshop, our scorers used the app on their phone or tablet while watching a BBL match, using the activity to practice scoring the game and found the interactive workshop a good way to learn the skills without the pressure of a live game in play. 

Mitch Farnell, Game and Market Development Manager at NT Cricket said “the App has the capacity to score the game Live, so people can follow the game’s progress online, and it also caters to different types of games including the new Junior Formats.  Our scorers will still use a paper based score sheet as a back-up, but the new technology definitely speeds up the flow of information in real time”.

Our scorers volunteer their time and play a crucial role in capturing game day information, statistics and scores for our local matches and players and we thank them for their support of grassroots cricket across the Northern Territory.

If you’d like more information on how to use the MyCricket Live Score App, please ask your Club Coordinator or find online help at MyCricket HERE.