A Message from the Board of NT Cricket


Over our 40-year history the members of NT Cricket have been at the forefront of our game. Our membership brings together people from across the Northern Territory who share a love and passion for cricket.


Since our last constitutional reform in 2005, the game of cricket has changed considerably. A more adaptable and contemporary structure is critical for NT Cricket to ensure a positive future for cricket in the North by strengthening our clubs, associations and competitions.


It’s vital that you, as a member, are a part of this decision. That’s why we’re asking you to vote on the proposed new constitution – one designed to ensure cricket in the North is strong, healthy and vibrant.


Why change from an Association to a Company?


The provisions in the NT Incorporated Associations Act are now insufficient for us. As an employer, NT Cricket and its Directors are obliged to comply with national workplace regulations that are much more stringent than in the past. The legal responsibilities on Directors have also significantly increased, so good governance principles mandate it’s time for us to become a company limited by guarantee.


Why Cricket North Australia?


The name change is designed to ensure the opportunities and advantages of playing cricket in the North, compared to the south, always remain front and centre. Cricket North Australia is about recognising and showcasing our competitive advantage to the rest of the country and sharing that advantage. In doing so we will unlock further opportunities, and importantly, financial investment to be invested in the Northern Territory’s cricket community. However, under this change we can still trade as Northern Territory Cricket.


What are the key things I need to know?

1) The objects of the company will change

In addition to promoting, developing and managing cricket matches in the Northern Territory, the new objects provide the organisation with more flexibility to enter into commercial arrangements or activities to advance the interests of the organisation and its members.

2) The membership of the company will change

The true owners of cricket are community clubs and associations, so our constitution should reflect that. Under the new model Ordinary Members (NT Cricket affiliated clubs, associations, cricket committees, Life Members and Directors) will have voting rights, other members (Registered Members) will not.

No matter how the membership is constructed, members only vote on one of three occasions – constitution amendments, Director elections and accepting the organisation’s financials.  As a not for profit company, no member receives any financial gain, members simply ensure the company remains true to its stated purpose and objects. 

3) A Nominations Committee will be introduced

Establishing a Nominations Committee will ensure members have a strong understanding of the skills and experiences which could best benefit the Board before they cast their vote in each election. The committee’s role in any election is limited to providing advice to the Board and members. Any member wishing to seek election will be able to have their name on a ballot and the final decision in any Director election is made by members through open elections.



A member’s forum to discuss the proposed reforms will be held at 6pm on Wednesday 29 May in the Palmerston Sporting Ground function room (next to the Palmerston CDU campus). All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please RSVP to Jessica.Smith@ntcricket.com.au by COB Friday 24 May 2019.


A more detailed fact sheet and the new constitution can be found here:         NT Cricket Constitution Reform - Fact Sheet        CNA Ltd - 13 May 2019