Statewide Super Pathways Academy players attended a Drugs in Sport presentation at the Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre yesterday (Tuesday 29 October) presented by Chelsea Mulcahy from Top End Health Service. The initiative, by the Northern Territory Government to provide safety through education by running education sessions, is designed to empower and enable young people to make wise decisions with this session focused on illicit drugs, sport supplements and performance enhancing drugs.

Over 35 players and parents attended to increase their awareness of the landscape players will enter as they further their cricket journey.

NT Cricket Pathways specialist, Megan White said it is important for the Academy program to take a holistic approach and educate the young players on all aspects of Cricket and not just the technical and game component.

“The feedback from the players and parents who attended was really positive, it was great to see everyone engaged and open to everything Chelsea had to say.”

“The session focus was based around being able to equip kids with the knowledge to make good decisions, the peer pressures that they will be subject to and some of the consequences of making bad decisions,” White said.

During the Darwin cricket 'off season' the Academy program will continue with additional education sessions focused on nutrition, mental health and game preparation in the coming months.