The Northern Territory men's team are paving the way for the next generation of talent at the 2018 National Indigenous Cricket Championships (NICC) with a mentoring structure that includes their first ever father-son combination.


Darrell and Ariki Lowe, the father-son duo representing the Northern Territory are Alice Springs locals, with Father Darrell playing in the Imparja Cup and NICC for over 14 years. Speaking about the competition Darrell said:  “It means everything. It’s my home. I’ve been here since the first one and it’s in my home town, I love it.


“It means the world to me (to play with my son). I’m pretty emotional really, probably the best moment I’ve had in my sporting career.”  After watching on the sidelines for as long as Ariki can remember, he said:  “It’s special, you know growing up and coming to every comp watching it, it’s finally good to get my chance to play.”


Father & Son - Darrell and Ariki Lowe
Father & Son - Darrell and Ariki Lowe



Ariki a talented athlete at many other sports, is in the final stage of the application process for a sports scholarship at Melbourne Grammar. He will find out if he is accepted in coming weeks.  Greg Aldam, head coach of the NT side has embraced his young talent and believes that giving them early experience is the best way forward for the NT.  Ariki had been on Aldam’s radar for a few years, and now with a young side, it was the perfect time for his first inclusion.  “I know we’ve had it fairly tough this year, but going forward over the next few years. I’d hope that’d you see us tick some boxes,” said Aldam.


Aldam confidently states that the NT would have if not the youngest, one of the youngest sides at this year’s NICC.  Nevertheless, he constitutes how it is important to have that mix of experienced players with up-and-coming talent, such as Ariki to build a strong future for the Northern Territory at the NICC.