Notice is hereby given that the First Meeting of Northern Territory Cricket Ltd (NTC Ltd) will be held at the NT Cricket office, DXC Arena, 155 Abala Road, Marrara, Northern Territory on Saturday 27 November 2021 at 10am ACST.


All NTC Ltd Members are welcome to attend but only eligible members will be entitled to vote or take part in any of the meeting’s proceedings.


Members that wish to attend the meeting but are unable to do so in person will be able to join via the Microsoft Teams platform. The link and login details can be provided upon request.


Members entitled to attend and vote at the First Meeting are entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote instead of the Member. The proxy need not be a Member of the company.


Copies of the Order of Business, full details of voting and proxy arrangements and NTC Ltd’s Constitution are on display in the reception at NT Cricket’s office at DXC Arena, 155 Abala Road, Marrara, Northern Territory 0812 and are available for download below.


The NTC Ltd Notice of First Meeting, Order of Business can be found HERE.

A copy of the NTCA Inc Draft Special General Meeting Minutes can be found HERE.

A copy of the NTC Ltd Member Proxy Form can be found HERE.

The NTC Ltd Constitution can be found HERE.

A copy of the 2020-21 Financial Statements can be found HERE.






In line with the Special Resolution passed at the Northern Territory Cricket Association Inc (NTCA Inc) Special General Meeting (SGM) on 19 March 2021, members of NTCA Inc have transitioned across to NTC Ltd.


Under the transition arrangements, persons who were members of NTCA Inc as Registered Members and Ordinary Members at the time of the SGM, became ‘Registered Members’ of NTC Ltd and carry voting rights.


Members are required to renew their membership every twelve months, pay an annual membership fee and satisfy any other eligibility and application requirements determined by the Board or the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).


In the first year of NTC Ltd, Members will be asked to opt in by completing a member application form for the 2021-22 membership year.


Opting into membership of the company is a requirement as, in the event that NTC Ltd goes into liquidation or is forced to wind up, each Member will be liable for a $1.00 guarantee.


Each member of NTC Ltd is required to pay an annual Membership Fee of $10.00 and the annual Membership Period will run from 1 October to 30 September the following year.


In addition to individual memberships, the Constitution recognises Affiliated Clubs, Affiliated Associations and three committees as Members. A representative of each affiliated club, association and committee will also be required to complete an application form and pay the Membership Fee.


The NTC Ltd Membership Application Form can be found HERE.


Members must have paid the annual membership fee prior to 4pm ACST on Thursday 28 October 2021 in order to vote at the First Meeting.


Members may apply to join NT Cricket at any time during the membership period by submitting an application form, however members who are admitted within 30 days of a general meeting are ineligible to vote at that meeting.



The NTC Ltd Constitution transition procedures provide for three Directors to retire from the Board each year on rotation. The nine Board positions are due to retire in accordance with the following rotations that have been determined by the Board. Retiring Directors are eligible for re-election:


First Meeting (2021): Dr Bruce Walker AM (member elected), Mr Lachlan Baird (member elected), Ms Julie Page (Board appointed)

2022 AGM: Ms Clare Martin AO (member elected), Mr Michael Trull (member elected), Mr Rick Fletcher (Board appointed)

2023 AGM: Mr Andrew Moo (member elected), Mr Richard Johnson (member elected), Vacant Position (Board appointed)



In the context of the First Meeting, the retiring Directors have indicated as follows:


Dr Bruce Walker AM has indicated his availability for re-election to facilitate establishment and consolidation of the Company and to allow for an orderly succession of the role of Chair during the next term;

Mr Lachlan Baird, as the Director presently nominated by the Darwin and Districts Cricket Competition (DDCC), has indicated his availability for re-election as a Director subject to further consultation with DDCC clubs; and

Mrs Julie Page has indicated that she will be retiring from the Board at the First Meeting and will not be seeking re-election as a Board appointed Director.



A key feature of the new company is the establishment of the NTC Ltd Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee is formed by the Board to provide guidance to Members and Directors on the skills and characteristics required for appointment and re-appointment to the Board to ensure the Board’s effectiveness and good governance.


The following members have been appointed as the NTC Ltd Nominations Committee:


Mr Michael Martin OAM (Independent Chair of Nominations Committee)

Ms Clare Martin AO (Director & NTC Ltd Vice Chair)

Mr John Marshall (Life Member)

Mr Michael Trull (Director)


The Nominations Committee will review the skills matrix and future needs of NTC Ltd. They will receive and assess nominations against the Board’s skills matrix and provide guidance to Members and the Board on the appointment of persons to vacancies.


Any member seeking to nominate for a vacant Director position is encouraged to first speak with the Chair of the Nominations Committee, Mr Michael Martin OAM. To contact Mr Martin please phone the NT Cricket office on (08) 8944 8900.



The following is a summary of the key timelines leading into the First Meeting:


4pm ACST Thursday 28 October 2021: Nominations for member elected director positions close and members must be financial at this time in order to vote at the First Meeting

4pm ACST Friday 12 November 2021: Election ballot commences (if required)

4pm ACST Wednesday 24 November 2021: Election ballot closes (if required)



The Board has recently reviewed the life membership process in the context of NTC Ltd being established and there is one nomination for Life Membership listed for the forthcoming First Meeting.