At the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Northern Territory Cricket Association Inc. (NTCA) a discussion was had on proposed constitution reforms with Members. During this discussion, which followed on from a 2-3 year consultation process, Members in attendance encouraged Directors to proceed with finalising the new constitution based on the Board’s proposed model and call a Special General Meeting (SGM) in early 2020 to vote on the reforms.

The Board had originally planned to hold the SGM in April this year, but these plans were delayed due to COVID-19. However, with the Top End cricket season underway and with it now being possible to hold an SGM following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the Board is in a position to deliver upon its commitment to Members and hold an SGM.





Notice is hereby given that an SGM of the NTCA will be held to vote on proposed constitution reforms. The SGM will be held at the Northern Territory Cricket office, 155 Abala Road, Marrara, Northern Territory on Friday 24 July at 6:00pm (ACST).

All NTCA Members are welcome to attend but only eligible members will be entitled to vote or take part in any of the meeting’s proceedings. All Members are asked to bring photo ID to enable them to be marked-off the register upon entry.


  1. Declaring the Special General Meeting open.

  2. Confirmation of the Minutes of NTCA’s annual general meeting held on 16 November 2019.

  3. Member vote on Special Resolution to amend the NTCA Constitution to facilitate the change in legal structure.

  4. Member vote on Special Resolution to approve NTCA applying to become registered as a public company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) with the name ‘Cricket North Australia Limited’ and the adoption of a new Constitution.

  5. Transacting such other business as may be brought before the meeting in conformity with the Constitution of NTCA.

  6. Meeting close.

A copy of the Order of Business can be downloaded by clicking here

 A copy of the Cricket North Australia Ltd Constitution can be downloaded by clicking here

A copy of the Proxy Form can be downloaded by clicking here

A copy of the Draft 2019 NTCA Inc AGM Minutes can be downloaded by clicking here

Copies of the Order of Business, full details of voting and proxy arrangements and NTCA’s Constitution are also on display in the reception at NTCA’s office at Marrara Cricket Ground, 155 Abala Road, Marrara, Northern Territory 0812 (NTCA Reception).

Any Member who wishes to discuss any of this information further may contact NT Cricket on (08) 8944 8900 or via