Local, national and international players are assembling to train for the upcoming NT Strike League in Darwin in July.

The four franchise teams (Desert Blaze, Northern Tide, City Cyclones and Southern Storm) have named their coaches, leaders and preliminary squads.

Mark Sorell, Head of Pathways at NT Cricket said "we've got to balance the teams depending on the availability of players each week so the draft lists allow for this.  We'll revisit them and make sure we've got a good balance to ensure some top competition. 

"Our coaches and leaders will provide direction to each of the squads and bring them together as a unit.

Along with local club and emerging talent, several interstate and premier cricketers will join the squads to play throughout the League.

"It's fantastic for our local players to have the opportunity to play and train alongside professional cricketers and learn from them, not just their skills but in the way they train and prepare themselves physically and mentally for the game.

The Strike League teams feature some young local NT talent including emerging players from the Alice Springs and Darwin regions who are part of the Pathways Programs with NT Cricket.  Several have represented the NT at the underage National Championships and will benefit from time spent with professional cricketers from Australia and New Zealand. 

"Our guys will have a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with elite cricketers.  That's not something that happens in other states. Young and emerging club cricketers just don't get the chance to mix and train with the State or National players, so we see this as a golden opportunity for our local players to learn what it takes to take their game to the next level.  They can have all the skill and technique in the world, but picking up a few tips from guys who are playing first class cricket will be fantastic for them.  We're really proud that the NT can offer this to our group, it is another unique feature of being a cricketer in the Territory.


Men's Strike League Matches

  • All matches will be played at Marrara Cricket Ground, Abala Rd (Ovals 1 and 2)
  • Entry is free
  • Refreshments are available for purchase at the ground (No BYO)
  • Fixtures are available HERE


Men's Strike League Squad

City Cyclones

Desert Blaze



Luke Shelton (DCC)

Graeme Beghin (SDCC)

Marc Calkin (DCC)

Karl Mayne (NCC)





Luke Shelton (DCC)

Adi Dave (SDCC)

Marc Calkin (DCC)

Dean Fry (SDCC)

Thomas MacRury (WCC)

Daniel McKell (SDCC)

Bradley Schmulian (WCC)

Matthew Hammond (SDCC)

Jack Kessell (WCC)

Graeme Beghin (SDCC)

Isaac Conway (WCC)

Joel Foster (SDCC)

Sam Elder (WCC)

Matthew Gilkes (SDCC)

Atish Ajaykumar (WCC)

Dylan Mullen (SDCC)

Jacob Dickman (DCC)

Daniel Mylius (SDCC)

A. Richards (WCC)

Sam Dick (TVCC/ASCA)

Luke Zanchetta (DCC)

Will Thomas (ASCA)

Stefan Hook (DCC)

Jordi Nicolai (ASCA)

A. Gregal (DCC)

Ben Ellis (ASCA)

Joshua Doyle (DCC)

Dean Ennis (WCC)

Ethan Anderson (DCC)


H. Hunt (NSW)




Aaron Summers

Cameron Bancroft

David Warner

Alex Ross





Northern Tide

Southern Storm



Udara Weerasinghe

Adam Trunks

Ryan Lees (NCC)

Robert VanDerMeulen (Palm CC)


Uli van Duyker (PCC)



Udara Weerasinghe (NCC)

Robert VanDerMeulen (Palm CC)

Ryan Lees (NCC)

Uli van Duyker (PCC)

Madura Weerasinghe (NCC)

Blade Baxter (PCC)

Joe Randall (TVCC)

Alex Bychkov (Palm CC)

Hamish Martin (TVCC)

Jack James (PCC)

Wilson Ryan (TVCC)

Jack Gilbert (PCC)

Janu Varatharajan (TVCC)

Jayden Lennox (Palm CC)

James Ashby (TVCC)

Joel Logan (PCC)

Sam Underhill (TVCC)

Kyle Gardiner (Palm CC)

T. Pinson (NCC)

Matthew Bacon (PCC)

Mitchell Reid (TVCC)

Izaiah Lange (Palm CC)

Brendon Piggott (NCC)

Christian Leopard (Palm CC)

Nicholas Cowling

Cameron Hyde (Palm CC)

Sam Truloff (NCC)

Marc Carter (Palm CC)

Jayden Brown (NCC)

Joshua Neill (PCC)


N. Bertus (NSW)



Jake Doran

Will Bosisto

Sam Truloff

Charlie Wakim

Jake Lehmann


Jake Reed



Updated 19 June 2018