West Cricket Club’s Samindra Madushan’s efforts during the 2021/22 Alice Springs Cricket season did not go unnoticed with the fast bowler being awarded the Jarrod Wapper medal at the annual Alice Springs Cricket Association Presentation night held on Friday 25 March at Club Eastside

Madushan’s dominate performance in November and February saw him awarded maximum votes in five rounds. Taking home more than the converted Wapper Medal, Madushan also took home the A Grade batting and bowling aggregate awards taking 26 wickets and making 370 runs which saw him named the ASCA Senior Cricketer of the Year. 

Sandy Warner and Rahina Maher were jointly awarded the Braszell medal, the second for Maher after taking home the top honour in the 2019/20 season. 

2020/21 Wapper medallist Dan Donaldson took home the A Grade Bowling Average award while Patrick Hannigan took home the batting average award making 321 runs @ 53.5.

Caitlin Couch was a force to be reckoned with at the crease this season, showing her talents again in the Women’s Grand Final on Thursday night, and was awarded the Women’s batting average and aggregate awards after making 267 runs with an average of 133.5. 

Elizabeth Johnson was awarded the Women’s bowling average award taking 10 wickets at an average of 6.20 while joint Braszell Medal recipient Sandy Warner claimed the bowling aggregate award taking 14 wickets for the season.

Daniel Pratt proved too good with the ball claiming the B Grade bowling average and aggregate award taking 21 wickets at an average of 12.67.

Haydn McDuff claimed the B Grade batting average award with 284 runs at an average of 40.57 and Ryan Thomson was awarded Batting Aggregate award with 313 runs for the season.

Patrick Hookey (338 runs @ 56.33) and Mark Leembruggen (437 runs) took home the C Grade batting average and aggregate awards respectively while Daniel Pratt dominated the bowling claiming both bowling average and aggregate with 21 wickets @12.67.  

Cooper Blanch was awarded the Under 16s Champion player and not surprisingly also took home the Under 16s batting average and aggregate awards making 297 runs at 148.50. 

Nelson Anders received the Under 16s bowling average award while Matthew Gepp and Shivam Singh tied on 12 wickets for the bowling aggregate award. 

Carlton Mid A Grade
Batting Average – Patrick Hannigan (321 runs @ 53.5)
Batting Aggregate – Samindra Madushan (370 runs)
Bowling Average – Dan Donaldson (18 wickets @ 7.16)
Bowling Aggregate – Samindra Madushan (26 wickets) 

Yeperenye Shopping Centre Women’s Competition
Batting Average – Caitlin Couch (267 runs @ 133.50)
Batting Aggregate – Caitlin Couch (267 runs)
Bowling Average – Elizabeth Johnson (10 wickets @ 6.20)
Bowling Aggregate – Sandy Warner (14 wickets) 

B Grade
Batting Average – Haydn McDuff (284 runs @ 40.57)
Batting Aggregate – Ryan Thomson (313 runs)
Bowling Average – Daniel Pratt (21 wickets @ 12.67)
Bowling Aggregate – Daniel Pratt (21 wickets)

C Grade
Batting Average – Patrick Hookey – (338 runs @ 56.33)
Batting Aggregate – Mark Leembruggen (437 runs)
Bowling Average – Chris Rudd (25 wickets @ 9.24)
Bowling Aggregate – Chris Rudd & Peyahandi De Silva (25 wickets) 

Under 16s
Batting Average – Cooper Blanch (297 runs @ 148.5)
Batting Aggregate – Cooper Blanch (297 runs)
Bowling Average – Nelson Anders (10 wickets @9.00)
Bowling Aggregate – Matthew Gepp & Shivam Singh (13 wickets)

Under 13s
Batting Aggregate – Mohamed Faizer Mohamed Shakeel (439 runs)
Bowling Aggregate - Mohamed Faizer Mohamed Shakeel (19 wickets)

ASCA Senior Cricketer of the YearSamindra Madushan
Wapper MedalSamindra Madushan
Under 16s Champion Player – Cooper Blanch
Under 13s Champion PlayerMohamed Faizer Mohamed Shakeel
ASCA Boys Junior Cricketer of the Year - Mohamed Faizer Mohamed Shakeel
Jenny Kroker Women’s Cricketer of the Year – Bronte Stray
Braszell Medal – Sandy Warner & Rahina Maher
Nanet Pagsanjan Women’s Rookie of the Year – Cait Stuart
ASCA Girls Junior Cricketer of the Year – Skylah Henwood
Volunteer of the Year – Bronte Stray
Spirit of Cricket Award – Wests Cricket Club
Club Champion – Federal Cricket Club