Excitement is buzzing ahead of the NT Strike League opening round on Sunday 1 July 2018 at Marrara Cricket Ground in Darwin.  Entry is FREE and there is plenty of shade, refreshments, food and drinks including burgers and smoothies available for purchase at the ground.  Come and make a day of it.


The Strike League features our local Darwin and Districts players, emerging talent from Alice Springs and Darwin region, our NT Pathway players as well first class players from interstate and overseas.  It's a great opportunity for our local players to develop and experience another level of cricket and intensity.  

This coming Sunday, several marquee players will debut, while others return for the second year.  Cameron Bancroft and Alex Ross line up for the Desert Blaze.  Will Bosisto will play with the Southern Storm, while marquee player Sam Truloff, fresh off a double hundred last weekend, will boost the Northern Tide.  The Tide meets the reigning champions, the City Cyclones, in the first game and the Cyclones are bound to throw the ball to Aaron Summers and look to Brad Schmulian, last year's Weise Medallist, to be amongst the runs.

T20 Games start at 10am with two games being played simultaneously.   After a break for lunch, the second round of T20 games gets underway at 2pm. 

  • 10am  T20   Northern Tide  v  City Cyclones
  • 10am  T20   Desert Blaze  v  Southern Storm
  •   2pm  T20   Northern Tide  v  Southern Storm
  •   2pm  T20   Desert Blaze  v  City Cyclones

Check out all the Strike League Fixtures HERE

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SQUADS / TEAMS for 1 July 2018

Northern Tide

Southern Storm



Udara Weerasinghe

Robert VanDerMeulen (PalmCC)

Ryan Lees (NCC)

Uli VanDuyker (PCC)





Udara Weerasinghe (NCC)

*Robert VanDerMeulen (Palm CC)

Ryan Lees (NCC)

*Uli van Duyker (PCC)

Madura Weerasinghe (NCC)

Blade Baxter (PCC)

*Hamish Martin (TVCC)

Alex Bychkov (Palm CC)

Wilson Ryan (TVCC)

Joel Logan (PCC)

Janu Varatharajan (TVCC)

Kyle Gardiner (PalmCC)

Sam Underhill (TVCC)

Matthew Bacon (PCC)

Tom Pinson (NCC)

Joshua Neill (PCC)

Brendon Piggott (NCC)

Kelvin Smith (SA)

Nicholas Cowling

Kurt Johnston (PalmCC)

Jayden Brown (NCC)

Damien Mortimer (NSW)

Josh Connelly

Chris Sabburg (NCC)



Charlie Wakim (TVCC)

Will Bosisto

Sam Truloff (NCC)


City Cyclones

Desert Blaze



Luke Shelton (DCC)

Graeme Beghin (SDCC)

Marc Calkin (DCC)

Karl Mayne (NCC)





Marc Calkin (DCC)

Dean Fry (SDCC)

Bradley Schmulian (WCC)

Daniel McKell (SDCC)

Jack Kessell (WCC)

Matthew Hammond (SDCC)

Isaac Conway (WCC)

Graeme Beghin (SDCC)

Jacob Dickman (DCC)

Joel Foster (SDCC)

Stefan Hook (DCC)

Matthew Gilkes (SDCC)

*Joshua Doyle (DCC)

*Dylan Mullen (SDCC)

H. Hunt (NSW)

Daniel Mylius (SDCC)

John Dalton (SA)

Dean Ennis (WCC)

Christian Leopard (PalmCC)

C Kelly (SDCC)

Jayden Lennox (PalmCC)

Owen Lynch (SDCC)

Jon Dalton (SA)

Shogo Kimura (PCC)

Luke Shelton (DCC)





Aaron Summers

Cameron Bancroft

Alex Ross





For more information about the NT Strike League, please follow us on Facebook at @NTCricket or phone 8944 8900