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Player Pathway

NT Cricket's pathway provides players, coaches, parents and administrators with an organised and supported cricket structure to develop male and female competitors at each level.


Our purpose:

NT Cricket implements and delivers a range of relevant and consistent playing opportunities and pathways for NT Cricketers and coaches to fulfil their potential


Our Strategy: 

NT Cricket aims to be the Australian winter destination of choice for national Pathway players and coaches by providing relevant and competitive playing and training opportunities for development

NT Cricket aims to be the best exporter and supporter of cricket talent, supplying and equipping Australian cricket with the next generation of talented players and coaches





Our Approach – The NT Way


NT Cricket is focused on setting a clear pathway for players and coaches that allows all to strive equally to reach the highest level with access to strategic direction, support, education and resources.


NT Cricket follows the The #NTWay set of values which act as the cornerstone of our Pathway program:

Respect – we respect the game, ourselves and all those involved, on and off the field

Honesty – we encourage open and honest communication and 360-degree feedback for our players and coaches

Competitiveness – playing hard and fair and striving for excellence

Accountability – setting goals and measuring success


Our People

Our NT Cricket staff integrate the latest pathway strategies, support and programs by drawing on their national and international experience and networks.

Our Coaches are an integral part of the pathway, from Community Level through to High Performance, they are provided with expert training and mentoring as well as having access to the best facilities and resources we have to offer.


Our Networks

The Northern Territory Institute of Sport (NTIS) plays an important role in our pathway, with players and coaches having access to NTIS support at all times.   NT Cricket works in conjunction with other Australian States, Emerging Talent pools and National Championships to offer our cricketers competitive opportunities to grow and develop.


Our Contribution

NT Cricket, with the support of NTIS and Cricket Australia are now in a position to be the best developer and exporter of talent in Australia.  We can achieve this through more competitive opportunities for players, nurturing talent, working with our networks and preparing ourselves the #NTWay.