NT Over 40s Women's Cricket Team Takes Flight

In 2023 Jo Posgate and Rachal Van Wyk represented the Northern Territory as part of the South Australian team in the Inaugural South Australia Veterans Cricket Association Women's Over 40s competition. On the back of that National Competition, the Eastern Dragons Veterans Club (Vic) extended an invitation to both NT and SA to participate in their competition which was held over the past weekend in Melbourne.
The decision was made to combine resources and create the first NT/SA team with 9 players from the NT and 3 from SA.
Darwin women's cricketer Jo Posgate took the reins as team Captain with Narelle Gosstray, Candida Rego and Joleen Hall as Vice Captains. The team comprised of a mix of seasoned bowlers to dynamic batters and represented the diversity and strength of women's cricket in the region. The team played four T20 matches across the weekend and although couldn't snare a victory, played in the true spirit of the game. 
"The focus is on cricket, fun and participation. Over the weekend the ladies played cricket in a manner that not only made our states proud but encourages participation by many more over 40 players so we can grow the sport in the age group," said Captain Posgate. 

"I’m really passionate about getting veterans cricket a stage in the NT and we're setting out to create something special.
"We invite everyone to be a part of it, whether as players, supporters, or enthusiasts so together we can build a future where cricket knows no boundaries and that celebrates the talent and passion of over 40s cricketers in our region."
The weekend's competition is just the beginning of an exciting journey for the players, with the goal to showcase their skills on a national stage participating in the National Over 40s Women's Cricket Competition in South Australia in October 2024.
NT/SA Over 40s team
Carley Melbourne
Joanne Posgate
Tina Carlson
Candida Rego
Narelle Gosstray
Jincy Puthenparampil
Simone Wearne
Annie Hogg Papadopoulos
Joleen Hall
Heather Westwood
Cherie Allen
Kelly Gulliver
If you're interested in getting involved with women's over 40s cricket please contact Jo Posgate on 0431 601 987
Expressions of interest for cricket to be played at the 2024 Master Games being held in Alice Springs from 12 – 19 October 2024 are also now open. If you are interested in participating in the cricket competition, please complete the Expression of Interest form here.