NT Cricket & Scotch College share honors in thrilling Challenge Series

The 2023 Challenge Series comes to and end with a drawn the series.

This series saw both teams emerge victorious in three matches each, across both the T20 and 50-over formats.

NT Cricket's Head of Cricket Darren Treumer said the Challenge Series played a significant role in the U17 selection process for NT Cricket ahead of the National Youth Championships held scheduled for Ballarat in January 2024.

"All six matches were played in good spirit and it was a competitive series with the NT winning the first two games, Scotch winning the next three then the NT wining the last game to equal.

"Notable performances came from Tahj Hill who made 127 (153) in the second match and Clancy McCormick who finished the week making 160 runs with an average of 53.3. 

"I must thank Muditha Maduwantha, Head of Cricket at Scotch College Adelaide, for bringing a team to Darwin for the third year in a row and know they enjoyed the final part of the dry season.

"Congratulations to both teams for their outstanding performances and for playing in the true spirit of cricket," said Treumer. 

Match Results 

Match 1 (T20)

NT U17 defeated Scotch College by 10 wickets
NT U17 0/107(12) 
Scotch College 8/105(20) 

Match 2 (50 overs)

NT U17 defeated Scotch College by 5 runs
NT U17 10/222(50)
Scotch College 8/227(50) 

Match 3 (50 overs)

Scotch College defeated NT U17 by 2 wickets
Scotch College 8/274(50)
NT U17 9/260(50)

Match 4 (T20)

Scotch College defeated NT U17 by 1 run
Scotch College 3/127(20)
NT U17 6/126(20)

Match 5 (50 overs)

Scotch College defeated NT U17 by 7 wickets
NT U17 10/197(47)
Scotch College 3/198(31)

Match 6 (50 overs)

NT U17 defeated Scotch College by 5 wickets
Scotch College 7/259(50)
NT U17 5/261(46.4)

Full match results can be found here.