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Imparja Cup

Alice Springs showcases Indigenous Cricket and is home of the Imparja Cup Cricket Carnival held in February each year

Following consultation with members of the Imparja Cup Steering Committee, teams and community groups in Alice Springs, the difficult decision was made to not proceed with this year’s tournament, scheduled to be played from 13 to 18 February in Alice Springs.


With many players, officials and supporters travelling from remote areas across the Territory to attend the Imparja Cup every year, the increased prevalence of coronavirus in the community along with recent heavy rainfalls impacting access to the Red Centre, created a significant level of discomfort amongst participants in proceeding with this year’s event.

NT Cricket CEO Joel Morrison said:

“While it is disappointing the Imparja Cup won’t proceed this year, ensuring the health and safety of all involved is our number one priority.


“The past two years have challenged us all on many fronts and the support we’ve received from the community as we’ve navigated our way through the pandemic has been greatly appreciated.


“We’d particularly like to acknowledge the collaboration and support provided by the Imparja Cup Steering Committee, Alice Springs cricket community, NT Government, Alice Springs Town Council and our commercial partners.


“The Imparja Cup is a special celebration of cricket, country and culture, and we look forward to delivering a successful event in 2023.”


The Imparja Cup has a proud Indigenous tradition and provides opportunities for Indigenous men and women to play cricket in a competitive annual tournament.  Some restrictions apply to non-Indigenous players who must request an exemption in writing before being approved to play. 

Any persons of Non-Indigenous descent wishing to participate in the lmparja Cup must first apply for Eligibility Exemption, in writing, using the form below. 

Successful applicants will need to demonstrate an extensive contribution to the development of Indigenous Communities.

Major Centres

No eligibility exemptions will be accepted for the Major Centres division.

Community Men's Division
Two players per team may apply for an eligibility exemption. 

Women's Community Division
Does not apply, no exemption required.

Once an application for Eligibility Exemption is received, the lmparja Cup Advisory Committee will meet to consider, approve, decline or otherwise the application. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive a written response from the lmparja Cup Advisory Committee by 5 February 2022. (Major Centre Division). The decision of the lmparja Cup Advisory Committee is final and binding.




Sunday 13 February

  • A Captains meeting will be held in Monas Lounge at Traegar Park on Sunday 14 February at 5:30pm. Atleast 1 member from each team is required to attend.
    • Teams will receive their playing shirts at the conclusion of the meeting.

Monday 14 February

  • All games will commence.

Tuesday 15 February

  • A FREE Level 1 free coaching accreditation opportunity is available to all players, coaches and spectators attending the 2022 Imparja Cup. The face-to-face component will be held at Traegar Park from 5:30pm – 9pm. A light dinner will be provided.


Friday 18 February

  • Men’s Community Grand Final: Traeger Park 11:30am
  • Women’s Community Grand Final: Traeger Park 1:30pm
  • Major Centres Grand  Final: Traegar Park 3:30pm
  • Presentations and closing ceremony dinner (all divisions): Traegar Park 7pm (following Major Centres Final)



  • A draft fixture will be circulated to teams on Wednesday 9 February, with a final fixture handed to team captains at the Captains meeting on Sunday 13 February.


The Players' Code of Conduct is important for the respect and enjoyment of all those involved in the Imparja Cup. 

Northern Territory Cricket will continue to closely monitor player, coach and supporter’s behavior in matches. Traditionally, cricket has been one sport to maintain and exhibit the highest levels of conduct and sportsmanship. 

While games can become competitive, the continued strength of the carnival has relied upon the acceptance of the umpire’s decision and the preparedness to play within the ‘spirit of the game’. 

The areas of major concern which are unacceptable at the Imparja Cup include:

1. The use of offensive language – generally as a disparaging remark to an opposing player or toward an umpire, or even as an expression of frustration or self-admonishment. This includes racial or religious vilification (any act that is reasonably likely to threaten, disparage, vilify, offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or group based on race, religion, descent, colour, national or ethnic origin).

2. The questioning/disputing of the umpire’s decision – often in an aggressive or sarcastic manger. This applies equally to dismissals and unsuccessful appeals as to the judgement of calls on no-balls, wides, byes etc.

3. The excessive number of frivolous and ridiculous appeals – primarily aimed at pressuring and intimidating the umpire into a favourable decision. 

4. The actions of the dismissed batter – in failing to leave the crease promptly on being given out and any equipment abuse (e.g. banging the bat into the ground or against the fence or race, etc. and/or throwing the bat or equipment during or after their return to the pavilion). 

5. ‘Send offs’ – usually to a dismissed batter by the bowler or a member of the fielding side. This can often inflame the situation and lead to a more serious altercation. 

Whether or not such behavior is evident in international or interstate cricket or whether language used is considered ‘acceptable’ by today’s society is of little concern to ICAC is primarily interested in having all cricket under its control played within the spirit and traditions of the game. 

Serious breaches of misbehavior will see the player immediately reported by the umpire(s) controlling the match. 

For less serious breaches where an umpire has occasion to speak to a player regarding their behavior, but does not believe a report is necessary, the incident will be noted on the Umpires’ Match Report and the player will receive a caution. Should a player receive three such cautions within the carnival. In those instances, should a person be found guilty of an act of misconduct, they shall be liable for a suspension as determined by the Imparja Cup Tribunal. 

All umpires will be requested to take a firm line with respect to player misconduct especially regarding the use of offensive language and the disputation of any decision.



Available for your teams and officials on 13 February 2022



Please contact NT Cricket Head Office on (08) 8944 8900 or via email on and we will assist with your query.


Click here to watch the full recap of the 27th Imparja Cup held in February 2020

Desert Eagles, Camp Doggs and Tennant Creek Ladies winners at 27th Imparja Cup

After a delayed start to the 27th Imparja Cup due to rain, round matches were able to commence on Monday 3 February, giving teams two days of play to qualify for finals.

The Men’s Community final was played on Wednesday 5 February at Flynn Drive Oval between Camp Doggs and DASA Warriors who topped their pools after the round matches. Camp Doggs won the toss and elected to bat sending the Warriors to the field. Shanley Milbunka and Shane Lovegrove opened the batting for the Doggs’ with Richard Tilmuth opening the bowling for the Warriors. The Camp Doggs got off to a strong start with Milbunka and Lovegrove make a quick 13 and 26 respectively. Jayden Forbes was the top scorer for the Doggs’, forced to retire at 32 runs as per the Super 8’s rules, and Robert Naylon was the standout with the ball 2/25(3). Camp Doggs finished their innings on 5/138.

Richard Tilmouth and Robert Beesly took to the field for DASA Warriors, and Kurt Campbell opened the bowling attack. Camp Dogg kept the strong Warriors at bay, restricting them to 128 to take home the win.

Impaja Cup first-timers Central Desert earned their spot in the Women’s Community Final after defeating the Soliz Sisterz by 8 wickets on Tuesday evening. Tennant Creek defeated Solid Sister and Ladeez to secure their spot in the top two.  The Tennant Creek Ladies won the toss and elected to bat, leaving the bowling attack to Central Desert. Early wickets to Dixon and Turner gave Central Desert the start they were after, but Tennant’s Mahalia Hippi had other ideas belting 31 off 21 balls to see her teams innings total at 5/120.

The Tennant Creek bowling attack was fierce, Hippi took two consecutive wickets in the second over, leaving the ladies from Central Desert a big task to catch the total needed to win. Despite the efforts of Simona Tilmouth who top scored for the Central Desert team with 22, the Tennant Creek Ladies total was too big to run down, winning by 70 runs.

In the Major Centres Division, the winner of the semi-final between the Katherine Scorchers and All Sorts would progress to the final to face the Desert Eagles. After a hotly contested match, it was the Scorchers who were victorious and took to Jim McConville Oval at 10:30am on Thursday 6 February.

Desert Eagles won the toss and elected to bowl. Alan Trindle and Donald Horan opened the batting for the Katherine Scorchers but the first ball of the game by Mitch Gridley was caught by John Chisholm and Horan out for a golden duck. David Trindle was the top scorer for the Scorchers making 45 off 27 balls. Jason Goodwin was the major wicket taker for the Eagles, taking three wickets off two overs, only conceding 13 runs.

Bryan Manning and Jason Goodwin opened the batting for the Eagles in their chase for 124. After 13.2 overs, the Desert Eagles had chased down the Scorchers total and were crowned the 2020 Major Centres Champions. Man of the Match was awarded to Dillon Measure of the Desert Eagles. Measures made 56* of 29 balls and took two wickets in the final.

NT Cricket CEO Joel Morrison said it’s been a fantastic two weeks of celebrating cricket and culture with 59 teams converging in the Red Centre for both the Imparja Cup and National Indigenous Cricket Championships.

“A big thank you to the NT Government for their ongoing support of this event, without it the event wouldn’t be possible.

“We are also very fortunate to have wonderful support from the Alice Springs Town Council, Taverners NT, Impajra television, Yuperenye Shopping Centre, DXC Technology and Statewide Super.

“Building on the wonderful celebration of cricket and culture in the Red Centre, unquestionably the home of Indigenous cricket in Australia, we look forward to the 28th Imparja Cup in 2021,” he said.

Following the Community Division finals held on Wednesday 5 February, individual awards, including most wickets taken, top run scorer, most valuable player and a team of the tournament for each division was announced.

In the Women’s Community Division is was Ladeez Cricket Team Captain Shannan Clarke who was awarded the Jenny Kroker Spirit of Cricket award for her passion, enthusiasm and outstanding encouragement she showed not only her team, but everyone involved. 

Tahlia Turner from Central Desert was named the Women’s Community Most Valuable player in her first Imparja Cup.

The Women’s Community Team of the Tournament was named as follows;

Justine Canstine Swan (Solid Sisterz), Leesnay Gillett (Tennant Creek), Nikkita Grafter (Tennant Creek), Mahalia Hippi (Tennant Creek), Rahina Maher (Ledeez), Simona Tilmouth (Central Desert), Tahlia Turner (Central Desert), Tania Wilson (Tennant Creek) and Mellissa Woodbury (Solid Sisterz).

In the Men’s Community Division, DASA Warrior’s Yasi Malalasekera was named most valuable player.

The Marcus Rosas Spirt of Cricket award was Robert ‘Tiny’ Nardoo from Brother In Arms.

The Men’s Community Team of the Tournament was named as follows;

Charles Alum (Desert Eagles), Ashley Anderson (Desert Eagles), Yasi Malalasekera (DASA Warriors), Graham Malbunka (Camp Doggs), Riccardo Morton (Yulemu), Robert Nayon (DASA Warriors), Richard Tilmouth (DASA Warriors) and Lance White (Brothers In Arms).

The player who took the most wickets in the Major Centres Division was Captain of the Tennant Creek Major Centres Divisions team, Lachlan Dunemann.

The top run scorer was Dillon Measures from Desert Eagles and was also named Major Centres Most Valuable Player.

The Major Centres Spirit of Cricket Award was awarded to Lewis Lampton of Katherine Scorchers and Rossy Williams Junior Spirit of Cricket was awarded to Jake Schremmer also from Katherine Scorchers.

The Major Centres Team of the Tournament is as follows;

Travis Bahr-Kelly (Tennant Creek), Michael Baker (Top End Thunder), Lachlan Dunemann (Tennant Creek), Mitch Gridley (Desert Eagles), Rhys Langley (Katherine Scorchers), Michael Leerson (All Sorts), Bryan Manning (Desert Eagles), Dillon Measures (Desert Eagles), Ryan Presley WK (Central Hurricanes, Daniel Rosas (Katherine Scorchers), Kiel Shardlow (Katherine Scorchers) and Allan Trindle (Top End Thunder).


Major Centres proudly sponsored by Yeperenye Shopping Centre

Most wickets taken – Lachlan Dunemann – Tennant Creek

Top run scorer – Dillon Measures – Desert Eagles

Most Valuable Player – Dillon Measures (Desert Eagles)

Spirit of Cricket – Lewis Lampton – Katherine Scorchers

Rossy Williams Junior Spirit of Cricket – Jake Schremmer – Katherine Scorchers

Team of the Tournament

Travis Bahr-Kelly – Tennant Creek

Michael Baker – Top End Thunder

Lachlan Dunemann – Tennant Creek

Mitch Gridley – Desert Eagles

Rhys Langley – Katherine Scorchers

Michael Leerson – All Sorts

Bryan Manning – Desert Eagles

Dillon Measures – Desert Eagles

Ryan Presley (wk) – Central Hurricanes

Daniel Rosas – Katherine Scorchers

Kiel Shardlow – Katherine Scorchers

Allan Trindle – Top End Thunder



Women’s Community proudly sponsored by Statewide Super

Most Valuable Player – Tahlia Turner (Central Desert)

Jenny Kroker Spirit of Cricket – Shannan Clarke (Ladeez)

Team of the Tournament

Khelsie Bell - Desert Eagles

Justine Canstine Swan – Solid Sisterz

Leesnay Gillett – Tennant Creek

Nikkita Grafter – Tennant Creek

Mahalia Hippi – Tennant Creek

Rahina Maher - Ladeez

Simona Tilmouth – Central Desert

Tahlia Turner – Central Desert

Tania Wilson – Tennant Creek

Mellissa Woodbury – Solid Sisterz


Men’s Community proudly sponsored by DXC Technology

Most Valuable Player – Yasi Malalasekera – DASA Warriors

Marcus Rosas Spirit of Cricket – Robert Nardoo (Brothers In Arms)

Team of the Tournament

Charles Alum – Desert Eagles

Ashley Anderson – Desert Eagles

Yasi Malalasekera – DASA Warriors

Graham Malbunka – Camp Doggs

Riccardo Morton - Yulemu

Robert Nayon – DASA Warriors

Richard Tilmouth – DASA Warriors

Lance White – Brothers In Arms



The NT Cricket Imparja Cup is proudly supported by Cricket Australia, The Northern Territory Government, Imparja TV , Yeperenye Shopping Centre, Lord's Taverners Australia Statewide Super and DXC Technology