The Home of NT Cricket

  • Gavin Dovey

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Nick Winter

    Head of Cricket

  • Olivia Sherlock

    Head of Events, Communications & Marketing

  • Jake Pavlich

    Head of Facilities

  • Jessica Smith

    Office Manager

  • Position Vacant

    Head of Clubs and Competitions

  • Jack Doyle

    Participation and Growth Lead

  • Kesh Keerthi

    Participation and Growth Lead

  • Prav Thalagampala

    Communications & Digital Coordinator

  • Angus Vear

    Senior Curator

  • Bevan Maher

    Apprentice Curator

  • Blake Gilbert

    Apprentice Curator

  • Jordan Wright

    Event Manager

  • Dylan Slater

    Coach Development Specialist

  • Tim Shaw

    Project Officer - Facilities & Infrastructure

  • Muhammed Sohail

    Project Officer - Multicultural Cricket