Cricket In Schools

SEDA College NT

NT Cricket is proud to partner with SEDA College NT for their Year 10, 11 and 12 senior secondary education programs. SEDA’s individual approach to learning provides opportunities for students to develop real skills for a successful future.

SEDA places student interest at the forefront of their senior secondary education, alongside a practical connection to NT Cricket, students have a deeper connection to their education, resulting in enhanced engagement levels.

SEDA focuses on four key areas that sets them apart from other schools:

  • Learn directly from industry experts and have the opportunity to work at NT Cricket events including game days;
  • Students get outside the classroom. They learn by facilitating sport related activities for primary schools and community groups to develop their coaching, communication, and problem-solving skills;
  • SEDA’s ‘one teacher to one class’ model allows teachers to take on a true mentoring approach, where they walk alongside and support the individual journey of students as they complete their secondary education;
  • Students develop an individual career plan, where the focus is on developing key personal qualities and transferable skills to prepare for further study or employment across a range of industries.

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